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Blockchain Bible

Become part of Berlins most vibrant Blockchain Community


Through monthly events, the Blockchain Bible aims at creating a community of Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. The Blockchain Bible will be divided in two main groups: 

Block by Block & Welcome to Crypto

-Block by Block: Events exclusively dedicated to the Blockchain technology and its use and applications in today's world. We will start with the fundamentals and gradually get more specific building the knowledge of the community block by block.

-Welcome to Crypto: Events exclusively dedicated to the investment world of cryptocurrencies and more specifically ICOs. Going from the basic tool kit for investors to the "hottest tokens out there". Welcome to Crypto will guide you through it step by step and convert you into a knowledgable investor.

The Team

Chainalysis Head of Business Development  &  Crypto investor Blockchain Solution Architect & Crypto investor
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What is blockchain?

What is blockchain?

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